Jib Cranes for JCS Yamal LNG

Project Ref: 675334
Project: JSC Yamal LNG
Scope: 2 off 7.35t LNG Tank Jib Cranes VS type


Cranes for the Arctic region to operate in temperatures dropping to -50°C


The Yamal LNG Project is an integrated natural gas liquefaction complex with a capacity of 16.5 million tonnes per year developed on the basis of gas reserves within the South Tambey Field. The plant site is located north of the Arctic Circle on the Eastern shore of the Yamal Peninsula in Northwest Siberia, Russia. Average temperatures vary from -27°C in winter to +6°C in summer, with the extreme low of -50°C.


  • 4 off 7.5t MRC at 17m jIb arm radius and 12.5m to underside of jib arm.
  • LNG tank Jib Cranes located outdoors on top of LNG tanks.
  • Special Low temperature steel with minimum V-notch impact strength of the steel 27 joules at -50°C.
  • All selected components including motors, gear boxes, ropes, limit switches, electrics, lights, cables, control panels, gas detectors, exhaust fan, all suitable for -50°C.
  • Complete jib arm including all electro-mechanical items such as hoists and controls are enclosed in an insulated heated enclosure.
  • Constantly connected heaters inside the enclosure maintain the internal temperature above 0°C.
  • Zone 2 IIB T3 as per ATEX.
  • Designed to European Standards.
  • Russian certification and dual language documentation (English and Russian).
  • The complete assembled jib arm including hoist to be transported on specially designed transport stands and mechanically protected by a steel sheet for sea freight, enclosure size 21m (L) x 4.3m (W) x 4.7m (H).
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Jib Crane structural steel layout designed to handle loads up to 7.5t in highest safety manner, while operating at temperatures that drop down to minus 50 Celsius degrees.
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Completed hoist before being shipped out of Eilbeck Moorlands Factory.

Production and testing at Eilbeck manufacturing facilities in Perth and Sydney

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