Hazardous Area Compliant Stainless Steel Diamond Bar Catenary System

Hazardous Area Compliant Stainless Steel Diamond Bar Catenary System
Hazardous Area Compliant Stainless Steel Diamond Bar Catenary System.

Never content with offering second best to our clients, Eilbeck Cranes has always been driven to provide our clients with an alternate solution when market standard is not ideal or too expensive. This is what sets us apart from others.


When it was realised that the market was limited in what was available in the way of cable catenary systems for Hazardous and Explosive atmospheres, we set upon a path to design, manufacture and obtain IEC EX and ATEX certification for our own in-house product which would satisfy our needs and surpass our clients expectations.


The product developed is made from high grade 316 stainless steel that is pressed, folded and assembled to our strict specifications. The low friction bearing rollers fitted are also 316 grade stainless steel sourced from Spain and the Hazardous Area certifications for both Australian IEC Ex compliance to AS/NZS 60079.14. as well as European ATEX compliance are provided by a local electrical consulting and compliance firm.

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The use of all 316 grade stainless steel components means that the product is not only considered to be spark resistant in explosive atmospheres, but also resistant to chemical attack and corrosion, hence suitable for use in the some of the harshest and most corrosive atmospheres- such as underground mines, CHPP’s, chemical plants, salt laden ocean, land based LNG and Oil extraction processing sites to name a few.


Additionally, the use of a diamond bar track allows for automatic dispersal of dust and particulate matter which would otherwise damage and foul rollers and bearings. Particularly effective when installed in excessively dusty environments.


With Eilbeck’s strong presence in supplying Hazardous Area compliant cranes, hoists and winches in the now booming Australian Oil and LNG industry, we are confident that this product will quickly prove successful in providing a cost effective, commercially viable and technically acceptable solution to many clients and projects around the country and in time, around the world.


The Eilbeck’s hazardous area compliant stainless catenary system success story is just another reason why we are considered by many to be the number one and preferred choice in cranes, hoists and winches.