Wheatstone LNG Tank Jib Cranes

Project Ref: 86363
Client: Entrepose France and Thiess Australia
Project: Wheatstone LNG Project at Onslow site in Western Australia
Project Owner: Hevron Australia
Scope: 4 off 7.35t Pillar Jib Cranes VS and LS Type
and Construction:
Bechtel Houston


Brief description of Cranes:


  • 4 off LNG Tank Pump handling Jib Cranes
  • Capacity: 7.35t @ 17.125m radius, 5.4t @ 19.125m radius & 0.9t@ 20.125m radius
  • Under side of jib arm to base of the jib crane: 11.86m & lifting height 71m
  • Zone 2 Ex de IIB T3 IECEx
  • Fully designed to project specification
  • Full maintenance access ladder and platform
  • Non sparking features as solid bronze wheels and bronze coated hooks
  • Lightening protection
  • Motors and gear box of cast iron body suitable for corrosive environments
  • Non-sparking diamond track SS catenary system for power supply system
  • Manual lowering in case of power failure
  • Designed for cyclonic area complete with manual storm lock
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