Eilbeck Offshore Ex Cranes

Eilbeck Cranes is a privately owned, 100% Australian Company established since 1907. Having been involved in engineering for over a century, Eilbeck has gained an invaluable knowledge and understanding of the materials handling industry over the past 110 years.


Now globally renowned as one of the only remaining Australian companies building large heavy-duty cranes, standard cranes & special cranes for both onshore and offshore applications, Eilbeck is specialising in the manufacture of cranes and hoists for the Oil and Gas Industry.

Eilbeck Offshore Ex Cranes

Having supplied cranes and hoists for offshore projects such as North Rankin for Woodside and special cranes for INPEX’s Ichthys LNG Project in the Northern Territory through DSME and SHI, Eilbeck’s capabilities include manufacturing to meet the specialised requirements of TOTAL Specification and DNV including:


  • Special design approval & Standards
  • Special quality & Inspection requirements
  • Full load testing of cranes up to 120t in house including inclined runways
  • Special documentation requirement
  • Strict delivery commitments

INPEX Ichthys Project cranes supplied by Eilbeck have the following features:


  • Cranes are based on INPEX Specification (Project specifications are specification of TOTAL)
  • Rigorous project quality, special material requirements and material certification as per project specification
  • Detailed Hazardous Area Inspection for Australian Standards and project requirements
  • DNV Design Verification & Certification
  • DNV & Client Inspection
  • DNV Load test certification of cranes @125%SWL
Eilbeck Offshore Ex Cranes
27.5t FPSO Ex Crane under load testing 27.5t FPSO Ex Crane under load testing
12.5t FPSO Crane under load testing 12.5t FPSO Crane under load testing

We are capable of meeting requirement of TOTAL, DNV or equivalent Special Design Approval & Standards, Special Quality & Inspection requirements, can conduct full load testing of cranes up to 160t at our workshops, including inclination tests. We supply full special documentation as required.