Ex-proof cranes for Bechtel GLNG Project

Explosion Proof Zone 1 Cranes
Project Ref: 43341
Client: Bechtel
Project: GLNG
Scope: Curtis Island Compressor Cranes

The GLNG Project is a pioneering initiative to convert coal seam natural gas (CSG), or coal bed methane as it is sometimes referred to, to liquefied natural gas (LNG) for export to global markets. It represents a major investment in a cleaner energy source and fuel for the future.

Based in Queensland, Australia, the project involves developing gas fields from the Bowen and Surat Basins in south-western Queensland, and a vast gas handling pipeline system which will transport the product underground a total distance of 420 kilometres to an LNG plant on Curtis Island, off the coastline of Gladstone.

This ground breaking AUD$20.5 billion Project is a joint venture between Santos and three of the world's largest LNG companies, PETRONAS, Total and KOGAS.

Explosion Proof Zone 1 Cranes

Divided into individual sub-projects for the varying areas of construction, globally recognised EPCM firm Bechtel Oil, Gas and Chemicals Inc. have the responsibility of managing the construction of the LNG Plant on Curtis Island, off the coast of Gladstone.

As a regular sub contractor and supplier to Bechtel, for its part on the project in late 2011 Eilbeck Cranes was successful in being awarded the contract for the supply of overhead cranes and jib cranes for the GLNG project. In total 4 off 55/9t overhead cranes together with 12 off 3t wall mounted jib cranes were ordered for use in the LNG plants Train One and Train Two Compressor Shelters to be constructed by Bechtel. Due to the special environmental hazards experienced within the LNG plant, the cranes procured were to be fully Explosion Proof compliant with IEC Ex Zone 1 hazardous area requirements.

Eilbeck's scope was for full engineering, design, manufacture and delivery of the jibs and overhead cranes. Commencing design and engineering activities in early 2012 by January 2013 the first delivery for the project took place with the 12 off Ex rated 3t jib cranes all signed off and approved by Bechtel mechanical and electrical inspectors.

Following successful delivery of the jib cranes (in July 2013) Eilbeck supplied another portion of the project with successful delivery of 2 x 55/9t cranes for Train One. Final delivery of the last 2 remaining 55/10t cranes for Train 2 has been scheduled for September 2013.

Due to the special nature of plant and equipment manufactured for hazardous areas and potentially explosive environments Eilbeck Cranes manufacturing team in Mackay have faced many challenges in an effort to ensure the equipment supplied was safe for use on the LNG plant. All challenges were met head on with carefully thought out strategies and world class manufacturing techniques and materials. Build quality, documentation, hazardous certificate dossiers, certification and QA are all components of the project scrutinised heavily by Bechtel’s internal and independent 3rd party inspectors throughout the course of the project to ensure all cranes are fully compliant to quality standards, specifications and all important Explosion proof requirements.

The Bechtel GLNG – Curtis Island Compressor Cranes are just another project well underway to become a success story for the dedicated team at Eilbeck Cranes.