New Test Rig for Ex EDL cranes

Project: Eilbeck Cranes Test Rig for Load Testing of Cranes at the Workshop

Following full load testing of the four LNG Tank Cranes for CB&I Gorgon at Eilbeck Cranes’ Jib Crane Test Rig at our Yelland Way facility in Bassendean Western Australia, Eilbeck has added a test rig for load testing underslung (EDL) cranes. The new rig is capable of testing underslung cranes up to 12.5T capacity in all motions. Initially designed and built to meet the requirement of full load testing of cranes for Ichthys LNG project’s offshore cranes for DSME on the FPSO & CPF, the rig has already been utilised to fully test a 10T Explosion proof underslung crane. The test rig has been designed to accommodate various spans and runway sections.

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The next test rig will be for overhead cranes of up to 100t capacity.

Features of Eilbeck Cranes’ new Test Rig:

  • Suitable for various crane spans
  • Cranes up to 12.5 t
  • Inclinable runway beams for offshore application testing
  • Rack and pinion arrangement for cranes for offshore application