Ichthys Offshore Project Darwin NT Australia

Ichthys Offshore Project Darwin NT Australia

Project Ref: 60261
Client: DSME
Project: Ichthys Offshore Project Darwin NT Australia

Eilbeck Cranes has successfully completed Factory Acceptance Testing and delivered 5 cranes capacity ranging from 5t to 70t(50t+50t) Cranes for DSME for FPSO for the Ichthys LNG offshore Project.

The cranes have successfully passed a rigorous quality and hazardous testing phase by the client, prooving once again Eilbeck’s commitment and proficiency in manufacturing and commisioning for Ex-proof environment.

All cranes have been upgraded from European Standard compliance to Australian Standard IEC EX compliance, required for explosion proof cranes.

Next up 1x 25t Semi Portal Crane and 1 x 5t Single Girder Crane for SHI for the same project are currently being manufactured.

Capacity Span Lift Type Location Special Comment
70t (50t+50t) +2 x 5t 13.8m 23m Double Girder Overhead travelling Crane Thruster Handling Crane FPSO 100% redundancy in all motion with special Centrifugal brake for lowering of load in case of power failure
27.5t / 5t 7.19m 24m Double Girder Overhead travelling Crane Air Lock AFT FPSO Manual Brake release & Hazardous area
12.5t 5.4m 28.5m Single Girder Underslung Crane Air Lock FWD FPSO Manual Brake release & Hazardous area
6.3t 3.65m 20m Single Girder Underslung Crane FWD Workshop FPSO Manual Brake release
5t 5.4m 6m Single Girder Underslung Crane AFT Workshop FPSO Manual Brake release

All cranes have passed though the following:

  • Cranes are based on INPEX Specification (Projects Specifications are Specification of “TOTAL”).
  • Rigorous project quality and Special material requirement and material certification as per project specification.
  • Detailed hazardous area inspection for Australian standard and Project requirement.
  • DNV Design Verification & Certification.
  • DNV & Client Inspection.
  • DNV Load test certification of cranes @125%SWL.

70t crane load testing

27.5t crane load testing

12.5t underslung cranes under load test

5t and 6.3t underslung cranes

Special features of these cranes:

  • Designed
    • As per DAF requirement
    • 1 years RP Cyclonic condition (Operating)
    • 5 years RP Cyclonic condition
    • 10 years RP Cyclonic condition)
    • 200 years RP Cyclonic condition
    • 10,000 years RP Cyclonic condition
  • Controlled lowering in case of power failure for Thruster crane with Centrifugal Brake
  • Rack and pinion for positive drive
  • 125% load test at Works
  • Inclination test at work
  • Special designed Hoist trolley to achieve project requirement of hook approach
  • Special designed End carriage to achieve project requirement of end hook approach
  • Explosion Protection Zone 1 IIB T4 for Hazardous are cranes
  • Solid Bronze wheels for Hazardous are cranes
  • Bronze coated hook block for Hazardous are cranes
  • SS 316 catenary for cross travel power supply
  • SS 316 catenary for long travel power supply
  • SS Isolator
  • SS Junction Box IP66
  • Heater in all motors
  • Heater in all control panel
  • Metal cable Glands (Special) as per project requirement
  • IP66 Protection for motor and Control Panel
  • Flashing light with motion
  • Warning Horn with motion
  • Warning Horn for increasing inclination than allowable
  • Radio Control
  • Special storm lock
  • AS1418, AS3000, IECEX requirement

The next crane 1 off 25t Semi Portal Crane is also under manufacturing. Also 1 of crane 5t Single Girder Crane for SHI for the same project with same specification is under manufacturing and inspection.

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