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Cable Gland
Model Number
Part Number Thread
Cable Width Cable Height QTY.
Max Min Max Min
ECE-DMS-500 33ZM64 M75 48.0mm 42.0mm 14.0mm 12.0mm
ECE-DMS-500 41YT29 M75 48.0mm 42.0mm 16.0mm 14.0mm
ECE-DMS-500 28DR91 M75 54.0mm 48.0mm 8.0mm 6.0mm
ECE-DMS-500 95QM47 M75 54.0mm 48.0mm 12.0mm 10.0mm
ECE-DMS-500 28SZ74 M75 54.0mm 48.0mm 14.0mm 12.0mm
ECE-DMS-500 98KQ79 M75 54.0mm 48.0mm 16.0mm 14.0mm
ECE-DMS-500 52EL32 M75 54.0mm 48.0mm 18.0mm 16.0mm
ECE-DMS-500 70RJ74 M75 60.0mm 54.0mm 8.0mm 6.0mm
ECE-DMS-500 10AJ98 M75 60.0mm 54.0mm 10.0mm 8.0mm
ECE-DMS-500 48UZ34 M75 60.0mm 54.0mm 12.0mm 10.0mm
ECE-DMS-500 82LE37 M75 60.0mm 54.0mm 14.0mm 12.0mm
ECE-DMS-500 82ZW50 M75 60.0mm 54.0mm 16.0mm 14.0mm
ECE-DMS-500 80AY96 M75 60.0mm 54.0mm 18.0mm 16.0mm
ECE-DMS-500 34YK95 M75 60.0mm 54.0mm 20.0mm 18.0mm
ECE-DMS-500 35CP37 M75 66.0mm 60.0mm 10.0mm 8.0mm
ECE-DMS-500 35QM22 M75 66.0mm 60.0mm 14.0mm 12.0mm
ECE-DMS-500 17WR38 M75 66.0mm 60.0mm 18.0mm 16.0mm
ECE-DMS-500 28VL32 M75 66.0mm 60.0mm 20.0mm 18.0mm
ECE-DMS-500 65DH50 M75 66.0mm 60.0mm 22.0mm 20.0mm
ECE-SED-100 84ZZ32 M63 47.5mm 43.5mm 7.2mm 6.0mm
ECE-SED-100 40GY31 M63 46.0mm 43.0mm 15.5mm 13.5mm
ECE-SED-100 87WP91 M63 45.0mm 40.0mm 14.5mm 12.5mm
ECE-SED-100 85XL61 M63 44.0mm 39.6mm 12.9mm 10.9mm
ECE-SED-100 16CK32 M63 41.5mm 37.9mm 6.5mm 5.0mm
ECE-SED-100 83DD66 M63 40.0mm 36.0mm 11.5mm 9.5mm
ECE-SED-100 42BP71 M63 39.5mm 34.5mm 13.5mm 11.5mm
ECE-SED-100 68DU33 M63 38.3mm 35.0mm 8.5mm 6.5mm
ECE-SED-200 71XL89 M50 36.9mm 32.3mm 11.5mm 9.5mm
ECE-SED-200 68UH79 M50 33.9mm 31.0mm 7.8mm 6.6mm
ECE-SED-200 48RX75 M50 33.1mm 30.0mm 11.0mm 9.9mm
ECE-SED-200 58HJ45 M50 31.8mm 28.0mm 8.5mm 6.4mm
ECE-SED-200 64EY89 M50 31.0mm 28.1mm 10.0mm 8.0mm
ECE-SED-200 21VL32 M50 30.6mm 27.5mm 10.5mm 8.5mm
ECE-SED-300 87BE27 M40 29.1mm 26.1mm 6.4mm 5.4mm
ECE-SED-300 24JD90 M40 28.0mm 25.4mm 10.3mm 8.7mm
ECE-SED-300 12VW31 M40 26.6mm 23.2mm 8.5mm 6.5mm
ECE-SED-300 35DE83 M40 25.3mm 23.0mm 9.4mm 8.0mm
ECE-SED-300 20ZT41 M40 24.6mm 22.1mm 6.5mm 4.5mm
ECE-SED-300 60MY87 M40 24.0mm 21.0mm 9.5mm 7.5mm
ECE-SED-300 95GC59 M40 23.5mm 20.8mm 8.0mm 6.0mm
ECE-SED-300 35HF98 M40 22.0mm 19.5mm 6.5mm 4.5mm
ECE-SED-300 90VB44 M40 20.0mm 17.0mm 8.5mm 6.5mm
ECE-SED-300 63YY85 M40 20.0mm 17.0mm 6.5mm 4.5mm
ECE-SED-400 36PB33 M32 22.0mm 19.5mm 6.5mm 4.5mm
ECE-SED-400 32ZL60 M32 20.7mm 18.7mm 7.8mm 6.6mm
ECE-SED-400 94PP59 M32 20.0mm 17.0mm 6.5mm 4.5mm
ECE-SED-400 57XJ28 M32 17.3mm 15.6mm 6.4mm 5.4mm
ECE-SED-400 63GL74 M32 16.9mm 14.5mm 6.5mm 4.5mm


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