Special Features of LNG Tank Hoists and Cranes

  • Designed to the proven technology.
  • Built for the harsh marine coastal environment.
  • Wire Rope suitable for high lifting height.
  • Cast iron Motor body instead of aluminium.
  • Cast iron Gear box body instead of aluminium.
  • Special design for drum for the purpose.
  • Drum suitable for taking pump wire ropes and ferrule.
  • Double drum option for redundancy.
  • Double complete system for redundancy.
  • Power supply system Stainless Steel square track type.
  • Manual load lowering in case of power failure.
  • Special rope attachment for hoist rope and pump rope.
  • Solid Bronze non-sparking wheels.
  • Bronze coated hooks.
  • Cover on hoists.
  • All electrics with Ex de IIB / IIC T4 IP66 Protection suitable for Zone 1.
  • Maintenance walkway / access ladder can be provided for hoist / cranes.
  • Temperature range -50ºC to +50ºC.
  • Certification ATEX, IECEX, GOST/TR,
  • CE & various other certification option.

Indirect cable entry, very high safety level. Connection of the Ex connection box to Ex by post-type bushing.
Rope Ferrule Quick Coupler - Machined pocket in the hoist drum allows for the rope quick connect ferrule coupling to wind on smoothly
Control Panel Enclosures. Explosion proof enclosures supplied as standard in marine grade cast aluminium box or stainless steel - Ex de IIB/IIC T4 IP66 with IECEX/ ATEX/ GOST/TR or any applicable certification
Cast Iron Body Travel Limit Switch. The type of protection of the limit switch combines flameproof enclosure, increased safety and protection by housing.
Gas detectors installed inside the enclosure (if applicable) will activate an exhaust fan should explosive gases be detected.
Auxiliary Crane Manual Slew Gearbox.
Double compression Ex d / Ex e nickel plated flat cable brass glands.
Solid Bronze Wheels for non-sparking operation. The type of protection of all wheels is constructional safety. If travel speeds are high, bronze wheels should be used.
Stainless Steel Junction Box. The type of protection for panel boxes for Zone 1, 2 and 21 on cranes and hoists combines types of protection flameproof enclosure, increased safety and protection by housing.
Cast Iron Body Rotary Limit Switch. The type of protection of the limit switch combines flameproof enclosure, increased safety and protection by housing.
For high travel speeds, individual parts such as the load hook, are bronze coated.
Audible Warning
Motors for Zone 1 and 21 are made of grey cast iron, the type of protection combines flameproof enclosure, increased safety and protection by housing. For Zone 2 the motors are made of aluminium and in type of protection non-sparking equipment. For Zone 22 the motors are manufactured in IP 66 and protection by housing.
ATEX Control Pendant - The type of protection of the housing is IP 66, installed elements protected by flameproof enclosure, increased safety and protection b housing.
Bronze Rope Guide
Rope Overwind Roller
SS Catenary Festoon System designed specifically for Ex requirements.
Auxiliary Crane Fixed Hoist

Rope Drum

Special designed machined on CNC machines high quality drum for LNG tank Hoist application with special ferrule adaptor for connecting pump lifting wire rope.

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